Saturday, April 13, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Julep Maven Nail Polish

               Who doesn’t love a nice bottle of nail polish? As I mentioned I am an avid nail polish addict.
                Up until recently I did not have any Julep Nail Polishes until I joined the Julep Maven program for .01 (and $4.95 shipping). I decided to join the program because I love nail polish and loved the idea of the program. I recently cancelled a subscription service and several magazine services so I decided my budget could handle it. The colors from Julep are absolutely gorgeous!
Colors from Top to Bottom: Petra, Lisa, Anne, Janel, Ally, Lena

                My first box was an introductory box where I received two nail polishes and a cuticle product. Sadly they are not spring colors but I definitely plan on wearing these colors when fall and winter approaches next year. I got the colors Lisa and Petra from the Boho Glam collection. Lisa is a grayish color and Petra is a burgundy shimmer color. They offer you a suggestion for colors that you can get and then you can change them as needed. I decided to purchase my most favorite color from Julep that I have seen everywhere Anne (a beautiful purple color). It reminds me of Anne Hathaway (which may be the namesake?). I absolutely love this color. I bought it full price but I didn’t mind since I got two other nail polishes for such a low price.  I also got a cuticle product that is absolutely wonderful as well! I love the smell and how well it works. I keep it in my nightstand to use as needed when I give my nails a break from nail polish.
                My next box is all about the bright colors. On the 20th of the month you are given four days to select new nail polishes. I decided to go for the colors from the Bombshell collection and ordered Ally (royal bluish color) and Janel (burgundy color) and then did the add-on polish of Lena (a tealish color) for $4.99. I love the colors and am content. One of my favorite aspects of this program is if you are not a fan of the nail polish colors you can skip a month and come back when you really like a box. I wish I had been a subscriber during the pastel collection month but I can always order then later if I decide to. I really want the America the Beautiful polish for the 4th of July so I will be adding that to my wish list.
                I can’t wait to see what is in store for my next box. I definitely am much more content with this subscription service then others. What subscription services do you use? What is your favorite?

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