Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lynn’s Lovely Life: Keurig Love

            If you are a reader of my blog posts, you know I love interior design. Throughout my college years, I loved reading Domino magazine. Sadly, it went under in college. One of my favorite things to look at was the Tassimo ads that were in each magazine. It just seemed so “cool” to be able to brew one cup of coffee whenever you wanted. I desperately wanted one, but I am glad I waited it out. My mom was the first in our family to get a Keurig. Nowadays Keurigs are everywhere. They are in offices, schools, and in so many homes.

The functionality of the Keurig has made it perfect for everyone. I got my first Keurig when I lived in my small studio apartment. While I was one who did not like clutter, I forced myself to leave out my Keurig on the counter because I used it so frequently.  I had a Keurig that was much smaller than most. It only brewed 8 ounces and took 2 minutes to brew. However, I still had the functionality of brewing one cup of tea. My mom got me a K-cup filter that I used to brew teabags in. I liked this feature because I could brew my PG tips tea in it easily. However, I go back and forth between using it. The only con with this is you have to remember to take out the bag or it can get moldy if you are not careful. I never let that happen but it was always a worry.

You can partially see my first Keurig!
Our New Keurig! Love at First Sight!

Later, when I moved in with my boyfriend, we decided to invest in a new Keurig that has three different choices for sizes of beverages. I absolutely love it. It takes a few minutes to heat up but then you’re good to go. When I brew a big cup for work, I use a K-cup twice. We have the spinning carousel full of English Breakfast tea. I don’t really like the carousel because it annoys me when a K-cup is missing. This is the obsessive compulsive tendency in me. I would love to get the drawer that goes under the Keurig, but I must resist as I have a perfectly usable storage container.

                I am a very big stickler in using only tea in my Keurig. Luckily, my boyfriend and I drink tea or we would have WWIII in our home. I have had tea from Keurigs that are used for coffee and I hate it! I can taste the coffee in it and it makes me sick. I know you can run a Keurig through with just water, but still, I feel like I can taste the coffee. I would like to branch out to do apple cider or hot chocolate (they have better brands nowadays), but my fear of it messing up our precious Keurig stops me.  For now I will happily use my Keurig as I brew my next cup of tea. The sound of my Keurig energizes me and makes me feel happy to be in my routine each day.

                Do you have Keurig? What do you brew in it?

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