Monday, April 1, 2013

Lynn's Lovely Life: Cell Phone Collection

                I love my cell phone.  As a child I used to go around and talk on my toy phone so the day that I got my own cell phone I celebrated. However, I firmly believe in manners with using technology. For example, it truly pains me to see people using cell phones at dinner! Dinner is a time to talk about the day, so it makes me sad when I see them being used. I also think that when people join social gatherings they should put their phones away. I almost think people should have a collection basket for phones at parties and gatherings, but sadly that will not happen. It just takes some time for people to follow  cell phone netiquette.
                I was not a big fan of the iPhone, but I love it now thanks to my boyfriend. He had the iPhone first; I decided to go for it after I got rid of my Blackberry, which turned up being a big bust. I am glad I changed over to my iPhone. It still takes some time to text, but I’m getting better. Plus, Siri is my best friend. Stayed tuned for a post on what’s on my iPhone.
                My cell phone collection started off with a few covers, but has grown over the course of the year. I just got two cell phone covers for $1.50  recently at Michael's so I thought it was a perfect time to post.
                My cell phone collection includes:

  • A cell phone cover that looks like a credit card (see the pink one).
  • A cover that looks like a mini tape.
  • Two polka dot cases (one in purple, one in blue (perfect for Spring)).
  • A penguin cover (perfect for winter).
  • One zigzag case  (I got it for $1.50)
  • One pattern case. (I got it for $1.50)
  • One damask case (for $3.99 at Michael's!!!). I have wanted a Damask case for quite a while, so I’m happy I found one at such a good price.
  • A "Keep Calm and Go Shopping" case.
  • A Blue Speck Case from AT&T
 I think I’m about covered on cell phone cases for a while.
My favorite would have to be the penguin cover in the winter. What cell phone cases do you have? Which is your favorite? 

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