Monday, April 15, 2013

Lynn’s Lovely Life: A Cup of Tea Solves Everything

                When I think of tea today, I think of comfort, relaxation and safety. My tea addiction started during my teen years. I stayed with my grandparents a lot and my grandfather would brew a pot of tea every morning. Ironically, my grandmother was from England and would have a cup of coffee in the morning. No matter what, my grandfather would have tea with honey and creamer in it.  As the years went on, they would make me a cup of tea in the morning. It was heaven. It was PG Tips tea and I loved it. It was the perfect drink for me.

 I fondly remember my college years when I would spend time watching Friends sitting on my floor in front of my makeshift table drinking a cup of tea. It was perfect. No matter what I went through in my life, from eating ramen noodles to having a full cabinet of food, I always had tea readily available.

                They say that a cup of tea solves everything; this cannot be truer. It wakes me up in the morning, energizes me and makes me feel comfortable and safe. At night, a cup of Sleepytime relaxes me and gets me ready for bed after a long day at work. I love reading a nice book and drinking a cup of tea.

I would not consider myself a tea aficionado at all. I love tea, but I am very picky about my favorites.  I drink Celestial Seasonings English Breakfast in my Keurig (stay tuned for a later post ).I drink sweet tea and have been slowly finding a love for unsweetened tea (or slightly sweet tea). I love Sleepytime tea (the extra version and the vanilla are my favorites).  I do not drink chai tea, green tea (maybe once or twice cold) or many herbal teas. However, when it comes to the teas I like, I drink them frequently.

I have often been to places like Teavana where you can sniff the tea and those places make me happy. Like a library, you are open to a world of options. I love smelling all the varieties of tea. Sadly, I do not like to drink them. I know that someday my tea loves may branch out. Right now, I am content with writing this blog post as I happily sip my Sleepytime tea.  What are your favorite types of tea? Whatever it may be… ENJOY!

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