Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Heavenly Home: My Relaxing Nook

          I am a true introvert and a homebody. If someone asked me what my perfect day would entail, it would include a cup of tea, a book, some fuzzy PJ's, and the kitty nearby. I decided to make a little tiny space for myself to relax on the weekends or at the end of a long day. I decided to purchase a chair that I placed in our bedroom by the window. I enjoy this spot because when it rains, I can hear the rain in my cozy little corner. I will often bring a cup of tea over and my phone and relax for a little bit. I like to journal about my day in my little chair. I feel safe and at home in this little spot. 

My cat is currently residing in my little relaxing nook. This little area reminds me of OrganizedJen’s loftice, or office in a loft. Because I share an office with my boyfriend, I wanted to create a small corner of our bedroom that I could feel relaxed and comfortable. Originally, my boyfriend’s nightstand was over next to the chair, but I asked him if we would mind if we switched sides so that I could have access to my lotions, potions, and balms when I am sitting in my little chair. Do you have a little space that you call your own? How do you use it?

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