Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Heavenly Home: What’s in My Nightstand?

                A home should make you feel safe and comfortable. When you crawl into bed at the end of a long day, you should be ready to relax for a bit before falling asleep. I put a lot of items in my nightstand that I use frequently before bed or when I wake up in the morning. All of these things help me feel comfortable and feel as if I have everything I need. 

                First, and most importantly, I have a lamp on top of my nightstand. I have the sleep Lavender Vanilla Lotion and Pillow Mist sitting on top of my nightstand. I like to keep the rest of my nightstand pretty clear because I like to only see “pretty” things. 

                 In my nightstand I have a variety of products. My most used item is my Kindle Fire (stay tuned for a later review post) and my lip balms. I get very chapped lips so I have a variety of lip products.  I have Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter from Lush and I have a few other lotions. I also have some pens and notepads and post-its. I like to make notes before I go to bed. I also have a journal (which I hope to get back into writing in before bed). I have remotes, a flashlight and a coaster.  I frequently will have a drink of water in a sealed container on my nightstand so that my cat and I do not knock it over and spill it. 

                I will admit that my nightstand can often get cluttered. I am NOT a fan of drawers; while I find they are a necessity, I often end up piling items on top of each other and forget they are there.

                Lastly, my nightstand has a variety of books that I enjoy reading or haven’t yet read. For example I have Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual, Lauren Conrad’s Beauty Book, and a variety of magazines and books that I like to read. My physical magazine collection is slowly dwindling due to my Kindle Fire, which helps eliminate clutter. I often fall asleep with a variety of things on the nightstand but put them all away before heading out for the day.

                When putting things in your nightstand, think about what you really need. I try very hard to NOT use my nightstand as a junk drawer and remove items that I no longer need. I believe that your surroundings should make you feel comfortable and relaxed. What do you put in your nightstand? How do you keep it organized? I am always looking for new tips to organize my small spaces. 

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