Thursday, January 31, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Zoya Nail Polish Haul

                I always say that “shopping is my retail therapy.”  I also love a good sale.  Zoya recently had a deal where you could get 3 polishes for the cost of shipping. Zoya nail polishes cost $8 each.  So I spent $10 for 3 nail polishes! Amazing!           

                I love all of the Zoya polishes online; I had such a hard time choosing. The three colors I chose are the following: Venus, Rory and Yummy. These are very beautiful spring like colors. I wanted to get spring colors because, like many, I am over the winter weather and ready for some bright colors on my nails to lift up my mood. 

      The color Venus is a beautiful purple color. 
        The color Rory is a beautiful pinky color. It has some shimmer in it.

         The last color is Yummy. It’s a beautiful light blue color. I love this color so much and am ready to put it on my nails tonight.

 Finally, I got a mini pamphlet called “The Color of Fashion.” It has all of the nail polish colors available online.

                Zoya comes out with beautiful collections each season. Keep checking back on their site for amazing sales. You can also earn reward points that can help save you money on shipping.  They also offer color “spoons” which show you the nail polish as if it was painted on a nail. You can purchase them before buying a full size bottle.

                I’m interested in purchasing the Color Lock System. Have you ever tried it? If so I would love feedback.  Enjoy! 

** The colors look slightly different on my camera then in the bottle.** Do some research before making any final purchases. 

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