Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Heavenly Home: Bring on Spring

            Lately, I have been in one of those ruts, you know when you want spring to come? Well this weekend, I woke up early and decided to get our apartment ready for spring. I watched a Dollar Tree Easter decoration video from Doltonadime and got the best ideas to decorate our home! I immediately got in my car and headed to the dollar store. I got rid of a lot of my decorations because a lot of them were girly.  I typically decorate 3 areas in our home seasonally or based on holidays. I decorate our coffee table, our dining table and the entry way. I will keep up these decorations for most of spring until about mid May.

            Our dining table has a pretty vinyl polka dot blue and white tablecloth. I am not usually a fan of vinyl but the pattern was so cute I had to get it. Plus, vinyl is nice and easy to wipe down. Then, I put a set of daisies in a vase on the dining room table. Not many decorations, as we use the table frequently, but it’s cute enough. 

            Nex,t I worked on our entryway. I put up a little vase of flowers. Again, I chose daisies because they are a gender neutral color and I feel like they really brightened up the space. Usually I am not a fan of decorating for Easter; this year is no exception. However, I found these cute eggs at the dollar store and purchased this egg Ferris wheel (from Jo Ann’s) to place by our door. 

          Lastly, I decorated the coffee table with pieces I have had around the home. For example, I like to have a placemat or two on my coffee table at all times to use instead of coasters. However, I was so tired of the boring tan. So I decided to use one of my boyfriend’s old pillowcases and folded it. It will need to be washed after being used and is temporary. I am hoping to find a few placemats as I shop around. I also placed this iron teapot I purchased a few years ago on the table. In my old apartment, it had pink flowers, but I took them out and added daisies. Finally, I placed our book “box” that is used to hold our remotes on the table. 

        I had one casualty that did not make it to our home (or did in small pieces). I got a snow globe chick that I was going to put in the entry way.  I decided to save it and break off (very gently the snow globe pieces) and wash out the glitter and use it by the door.

I am very happy with the design of our home. While I am a strong independent woman, I love decorating my home. Again, I am fortunate that my boyfriend is flexible with how I decorate our home, as long as it is fairly gender neutral (no pink or purple colors). How have you decorated your home for spring? How often do you change the décor in your home? 

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