Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Heavenly Home: An Office for Two

                As stated in a previous post I have lived in many different places, basements, dorms, studios etc. However, my boyfriend and I have never had the luxury of having a two bedroom apartment until now. We are very fortunate to have a two bedroom apartment and actually save money on rent living together now. However, we are still working out the kinks of decorating.
                When we found out we were going to have a second bedroom my boyfriend told me he wanted a man cave. I was okay with this, because he gave me permission to decorate the house as I see fit. Of course I still consulted with him on our design of our house. However when we moved in he noticed he didn’t have a TV cord in the room. So in the end we made the second bedroom our office/guest bedroom. This is the one room (besides my bathroom) that I feel comfortable decorating in purple and pink (at least on my side).

 We each have a half of the room for our personal items. We have our desks, bookshelves and he has a dresser. In the middle we have a futon which pulls out as a bed. The best part is when you walk up the stairs the main thing you see from the office is the futon and the coffee table. It makes the room look cohesive.
"Guest Bedroom"
              We each decorate our “sides” however we see fit as these are our own little personal spaces but the middle of the room looks clean and cohesive. I really enjoy the look of our office. I find it to be comfortable and functional. I also think that it looks appropriate enough for guests to sleep in. Also, I enjoy the fact that I have a place that I can sit down and complete my work if I want to. I can keep other areas of my apartment for rest and relaxation and use the office for work as needed.

     Have you ever decorated an office for two? How did you make it work?


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