Monday, February 11, 2013

Technology Treat: Kindle Fire Review

                A few years ago, I thought I had every technology item I needed. But then, the Kindle Fire came out. I was given a Kindle from my parents just before they released the first Kindle Fire.  I waited a while for the hype to die down, and then finally decided to purchase the Kindle Fire. I absolutely love it. I sold my other Kindle and have been happy ever since.

The main reasons I wanted a Kindle Fire were because of the color features and the fact that you can read magazines on it. I LOVE to read magazines. I really enjoy the fact that I can read magazines on it as soon as they come out. I am a fan of the “older” versions of the magazines that allow you to slide through each page (not down). I find the magazine versions from Glamour and Lucky to be more annoying than useful. They take up a lot of space on my Kindle and I have to remove old magazines before downloading new ones on there.  I also get confused when following the order of the pages. 

 The main reason most people would buy a Kindle is for the book feature. This is true for me as well. I do “purchase” a lot of free books from the website in hopes of finding time to read them. I only purchase books that I really want to read. When I read on my Kindle Fire, I become truly immersed in the reading. Before I know it, I am finished the book.  I still enjoy reading actual books, especially paperbacks when I take bubble baths.

At this point, the music section does not appeal to me; it can’t be transferred to my Iphone (or can it?). I typically only buy a song or two when I am given a $1.00 credit for purchasing something else.

The video section is extremely dangerous for me, and I try to avoid it at all costs. I only purchase movies or TV shows if I can’t find it elsewhere. Remember, before buying anything from Amazon, think about it: Can you watch it on Netflix, the free version of Hulu or the affiliate website? If not, then go for it. I try not to make many purchases that end up hurting my bank account. It is a challenge that I will continue to work through.  Also, you can download the Netflix app.

I do not use the DOCs section at all. The apps section houses a variety of apps I use frequently. I try to keep my Kindle Fire for entertainment purposes only. I do not use it to do work or check emails.  There are a variety of apps to purchase (which again I only purchase ones that are free).

                The last feature I use most frequently is the Web section. I use this to watch my YouTube videos. Sadly, they do not have a YouTube app to date but I don’t mind it. I enjoy watching YouTube while taking a bubble bath at the end of a long day.  I got a nice cover for it that allows my Kindle Fire to stand up so I can watch a show while in the tub.

                My favorite feature of the Kindle Fire is that I have access to so many resources.   I enjoy the magazines, books and so on. I wrote this post early because a new book, The Indigo Spell will be coming out on Tuesday, and I want to spend my time reading the book. It is very nice to turn on your Kindle and find a newly anticipated magazine or book on the carousel.  Speaking of the carousel, I am not a fan of it.  I just don’t like the way you can slide across and it keeps piling up. I wish it was more like smart phones and other tablets. However, it is something I can live with. The other thing to consider when purchasing a Kindle Fire is that you have to be careful when making purchases. I put a password on so that only I can sign in to turn on my Kindle Fire. Someone can accidently make purchases without typing in a password. Amazon is nice enough to let you cancel an order after making an accidental or unwanted purchase.

                I love my Kindle Fire. Of course, the newest Kindle Fires have come out with more space, better graphics, etc. However, I don’t plan on getting rid of my Kindle Fire until it goes to technology heaven.  Now that the Ipad mini has come out, I am considering purchasing it when my Kindle Fire dies.  What type of tablet do you have?  What do you like about your tablet?

P.S. My boyfriend is a technology enthusiast so he thinks I need to add the stats on the Kindle Fire. So here they are from Amazon.  This is for the newest Kindle Fire, mine is the older version. 

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