Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Makeup Cutback of 2013

                So as you can probably tell from my previous blog posts relating to beauty that I love makeup. Some people who see me daily might be surprised because I don’t wear it often. This is somewhat true because I’m not a morning person and prefer a few more minutes of sleep rather than a fully decorated face of makeup. However, I am slowly making myself put more makeup on to make myself feel better and to use my makeup products. While I love writing blog posts about makeup products I purchase, and I’m sure some of you love reading them, I have to stop purchasing makeup to the extent that I do.
I watched Pinksofoxy’s videos on makeup and while I do not have nearly as extensive collection as her, I do have a bit of makeup. She once counted all of her makeup products. I did the same and was shocked that, while I did not have as much as her, I have way too many products. So I decided to do the makeup cutback of 2013 after hearing about how she is cutting back. Pinksofoxy’s plan included purchasing only 10 makeup items a year. These do not include personal hygiene items and nail necessities. I decided to follow through with her plan with a small change and only purchase 1 beauty product of my choice a month. I plan on setting other goals for myself, like putting the money I could have spent on makeup in my savings account. I might use that towards a vacation.
I created a “contract” for myself that I have placed on the inside of my closet that I can see daily. As soon as I purchase my one item a month I will add it to the list. I’m excited to give this a try. Of course the shopaholic in me is already considering my monthly purchases for the year. I really need to consider and think about what I purchase. I am only purchasing 1 item a month. I may purchase 1 high end product for a little bit extra so that I get a quality product. I may consider purchasing a value kit so that I get a few products in a set so I get a better bang for my buck. I haven’t fully decided yet but that’s the beauty (no pun intended) of my makeup cutback of 2013. I am not depriving myself of products but I’m allowing myself to enjoy one beauty item. I definitely do not intend to purchase an item that costs more than $25 (I could never allow myself to do that). 

Have you ever had a problem you decided to fix using a contract? How did it work? Check back monthly for a post on my one beauty purchase of the month. Feel free to gently scold me if you see me post more than one beauty haul a month (or more than one item). We have to support each other!

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