Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Heavenly Home: Wall Décor Haul

                When my father came to visit me a few weeks ago, he told me that I did not have enough wall art. As I stated in a previous post, I moved away from decorating for myself (a girly girl) to decorating for a couple. I had to change the way I was thinking when decorating.

                Tonight on Valentine’s Day, while getting supplies for dessert, we decided to stop by Kohl’s for something to hold our keys. So we got four pieces of décor for our living room. We purchased the key holder and then traveled around the art section looking for items. Besides the fact that my boyfriend spent a lot of time looking at sports memorabilia we were able to select a few other pieces. The “Love Lives Here” sign was only $4! Then we got two other pictures, each one depicting my boyfriend or I. He chose the music note one to highlight his love of music. I chose the outdoor city picture because that reminds me of a place I would love to travel to.


                We still have a few more pieces to add to finish off our living room. We need two more pieces next to the mirror above our sofa. We also purchased a new coffee table because while I have loved my coffee table for five years, it has seen better days and needs to go to coffee table heaven.  We also purchased two new matching nightstands. When those items come in I will be sharing them in a blog post. Also, stay tuned for a blog post about my “little pink drill” and my pink tool kit. I am an independent woman who finds accomplishment in building things on my own.  

                What have you purchased for your home to make it yours? I really feel like our apartment is becoming “our” home. 

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