Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Perfume Collection

                Who doesn’t love smelling nice? As a teenager I was into the body splashes and sprays from Bath and Body Works. However, as an adult my preferences have changed slightly.  I have a variety of perfumes and am fairly happy with my collection.

                I am not the best at describing scents, so instead I will tell you where I got these from or memories that relate to each product. Google the scents before you purchase them or go check them out in a store. 
   Perfume in Order of Purchase

                The oldest perfume I have is Charlie in Red. My grandmother and mom both got me into this fragrance. They also have a white version, but Red is preferable to me. As my tastes have changed, I am not the biggest fan of Charlie anymore. However, I refuse to get rid of it and use it sometimes to remind me of my grandmother. Have you ever felt that scents remind you of a memory?

                The next set of perfumes I purchased is from Bath and Body Works. I have Rainkissed Leaves and Dark Kiss. I wish I had a larger bottle of Dark Kiss because I enjoy this perfume, especially in the winter.

                Next, I ventured into the world of “impression” fragrances. One thing I am not ashamed to admit is that I am a thrifty girl. I THRIVE on sales. (Stay tuned for a later post on shopping to save!)  I love getting items on sale, which means I end up spending more money than I intended to.  These fragrances were not on sale but they are impressions of fragrances that are well known and in the $40 range. These fragrances only cost around $5.  So I purchased the SJP impression perfume, the Katy Perry impression perfume and the Vera Wang Princess perfume. My favorite has to be the Vera Wang impression perfume. However, the bottle falls over quite a bit. I would not recommend all “impression” fragrances. However, I would suggest smelling the original and then smelling the other version and determine if they are similar. I have had good experiences and bad ones and have gotten rid of the ones that I disliked.

                Next, I purchased my first Taylor Swift perfume (the purple one). I got it using Birchbox points so I only ended up spending $19 (I love deals!). I have a hard time spending $40 on a perfume.  I recently just purchased the roller ball to keep in my purse. Then my boyfriend gave me the other Taylor Swift version for Christmas with a lotion and body wash included in the set.

                Finally, my mom gave me a gift card to Ulta for Christmas so I purchased the Benefit set. Check out this blog by Amarixe to learn more about each scent. She does a great job at reviewing each item. She definitely helped me decide to purchase the set. Amarixe did state that one negative is that there is no pump for the bottles, but I can live with it as they are minis.
 My Perfume Tray

                I have to say I am very proud of my perfume collection, not of what I have but of the fact that I spent very little on these perfumes. I just can’t imagine spending $40 a bottle on 10 perfumes that I rarely use. I am pretty good at using each bottle. What perfumes have you purchased? What are your favorites and are worth the money?

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