Friday, March 29, 2013

A Heavenly Home: Spring Cleaning: Day 1: Closet and Dresser

                This past week, I was off for a “Spring Break” of sorts. I don’t necessarily count it as spring break because of the crazy wintry weather that we have had recently. I decided on my first weekday off to spend my day cleaning out my closet and my dresser. While the weather has not been warm (besides a few odd days here or there), I have been in love with spring dresses. I have been purchasing spring dresses during the winter in preparation for the upcoming season.  

            I decided to go through my closet and get rid of a ton of items. I decided to make two piles. One pile was a trash pile (clothing that was so destroyed it would not be good for others) and a pile to give to my mom. I managed to get rid of quite a few items. I then made some organization progress in my closet. For example, I sorted clothes by work clothes, then by pants, ¾ sleeve shirts, t-shirts, etc. I also put away my winter clothing. Then I made room in my closet for all of my jeans (as they can be heavy and weigh down my lovely dresser).

        Finally, I made space for all of my spring items. I figure I can wear some of them with leggings or jeans and cardigans until the warmer weather officially is here to stay. I also pulled out some of my favorite tops and put them in the front and center of my closet so that I could enjoy them and see them. A lot of people on Youtube like to have a closet rack out in public. I do not like this for myself (even though I love the idea) because I have a hard time with clutter. Also, I do not have the space for it in the bedroom. This is my solution. I can see my most beautiful items and can enjoy them. I also placed a nice pair of heels and a book to showcase in my closet. It makes me happy to open my closet now.  

                Next, I tackled my dresser. As a self proclaimed introvert (and Social Anxiety member), I love PJs. They make me feel comfy and safe. I had a TON of PJs. I decided to thoroughly go through them and finally got my items narrowed down to my favorites. Again, I organized my PJs by sets, different types and put my workout clothes in a pile. I also organized my socks and my shirts into sections again.

                In reality, I am not a fan of dressers but I love my dresser. While I do not like clutter, I typically do not care how my clothes are organized in drawers. I changed that on my first day of spring cleaning. I am happy with the progress I have made. My next steps to take include tackling my bathroom and my office. The rest of the areas of my apartment have already been cleaned and de-cluttered recently. Stay tuned for additional posts on how I reorganized these two areas. Finally, I can’t wait to share my post about my “office in an ottoman.” As stated I have recently made myself a fabulous reading nook in my bedroom. I have filled my mini ottoman with necessary essentials. Stay tuned for this post.

                I am surprisingly content with the look of my closet and dresser and anticipate the next stages of my organization process!  How are you spring cleaning? Do you spend more time organizing or deep cleaning? I do a mix of both as needed. 

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