Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lynn’s Lovely Life: Top 5 YouTubers!

                I am a fan of TV and YouTube. I love to watch YouTube after a long day. There are so many videos out that can show you how to do your hair, makeup, etc. I really have learned a lot from different videos online. There are specific “Beauty Gurus” that I really enjoy watching on YouTube. One thing they all have in common is they all love beauty products and all have animals!

  • Allthatglitters21 I really enjoy watching her videos. She relates a lot to me. She is an avid reader and likes to make her home comfortable with candles and other home decor. She is the one who introduced me to Lush. Her cat, Pinecone, is also adorable!
  • Alovetart: Mary is absolutely wonderful at describing a product in the most efficient and effective manner. I really enjoy her face of the day videos. They seem so simple and easy to follow. I like how she shows a variety of high end and drugstore products.
  • Organizedlikejen: Jen reminds me so much of myself! She mentions that she suffers from social anxiety disorder like me. She does a lot of videos on organization and on topics relating to the home. Also, she likes to do daily blogs that I find interesting. She loves tea and has a furry little pet named Winnie.  BTW: Jen would not consider herself a Beauty Guru.
  •   Emilynoel83: Emily is absolutely wonderful at describing products. She used to work at a news station. I really appreciate the fact that she has the background knowledge to deliver the news but also can share beauty videos. I also like her little cat Cupcake and her husband is very sweet as well as funny. He often will make some hilarious appearances in her videos.
  • Missglamorazzi: Ingrid is very sweet girl who you would love to have as a best friend. She is very kind and caring. She offers a lot of information on beauty products. I also like how she has a personality that is not so traditional. She loves video games and I love how she once had a game boy cell phone cover. She also has a little cat named Nugget who is adorable!

 Do you watch YouTube? What channels are you subscribed to? 

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