Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Top 5 Nail Polish Picks

                I am an avid nail polish lover. As a teen I was not a fan of nail polish because I did not know how to take care of my nails, paint them and keep them lasting long. However, thanks to the beauty (no pun intended) of YouTube and beauty books, I have learned how to take care of my nails and purchase quality products. I have a ton of nail polish (stay tuned for a nail polish collection post). I have so many bottles that my dad made me a nail polish stand to hold all of them. I love it! I recently pulled it out of my closet so I could look at each bottle and get good use out of them. These are the five polishes I would repurchase first if I lost my entire collection. 
Long Kiss, Lacey Lilac, On a Trip, Charismatic, Blue Year's Eve 

1 Long Kiss by China Glaze: This is one of my go to shades when I don’t know what color to paint my nails. I love this nail polish in the fall and when I want to wear something that will make me feel strong and confident. I love the color and the fact that it is a more burgundy red rather than just a red.

2 Lacey Lilac by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: I love this nail polish. It makes my nails look absolutely gorgeous. One of the best benefits of this nail polish is how well it goes on (the formulation) and the fact that when it starts to chip it’s less noticeable then darker polishes. While I do not wear nail polish in a very professional setting (interviews, meetings etc), I feel that this polish can be worn effectively in a semi professional setting.

3  On a Trip by Wet n Wild: I heard about this nail polish brand from YT. I love this color so much that I had to get it. I love the formulation of the polish, how smoothly it glides on and how long it lasts. I love how opaque the polish is and the beautiful color. I only wish they had more colors that I liked.

4  Charismatic by Revlon: I love orangey cream shades and this one is no exception. This nail polish reminds me of a vacation with my boyfriend. I painted my nails this color on our road trip this past summer. I love the color and find that it is not too orangey and appropriate for work. 

5   Blue Year’s Eve by China Glaze: Another China Glaze product makes my list! The formulation of China Glaze is also as nice as other products mentioned on this list. I love this color and love the name. I enjoy wearing this product around New Years and other times when I don’t know what to paint my nails.

What are your top 5 nail polishes? Stay tuned for a later post on my very large nail polish collection! I plan on doing some de-cluttering before I post, but expect to see lots of polishes! 

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