Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lynn’s Library: Bookshelf Tour and How to Save Money with Books:

 As stated previously, I am an avid reader. With the invention of E-readers and my lovely Kindle Fire, I have no longer had a need to purchase new books. However, I still have a bookshelf with books that I keep on hand in my apartment. These books are located in my office. Some of them are my favorite books while others I find at thrift shops, book sales etc.  
Some of the highlights of books I have include the following:
  • Twilight Series: I read this series in college and loved the characters. I like the books more than the movies.
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic Series: The character reminds me of myself. Who else wouldn’t want to buy all this equipment to save money to make food besides the character and myself? Anytime I think about saving money I end up spending more money on ways to save money! It’s a vicious cycle.
  • Nicholas Sparks' books:  Some of these are my favorite, some I plan on reading and then donating to those who want to read.
  • Harry Potter Series: A beloved series. I love the first few books more than the last. I hope to reread them soon.
  • A variety of “chick lit” books that I have yet to read.

             As soon as I read a book I make myself think, will I read it again? For example, I LOVE the Janet Evanovich series but I don’t want to keep 19 books on hand. So I decided if I really want to read them again I will borrow them from the library. That is a big way that I save money. If a book that I really want to read comes out, I usually purchase it on my Kindle. If I am somewhat interested in the book I will put a hold on it at my library a few months before it comes out, then I will be on one of the first to borrow it. It has saved me tons of money!

          I have a few books series I plan on purchasing simply because of my love for the series, like the Vampire Academy series. However, I will wait until I finish the many books on my bookshelf.  I also like to buy used books on Amazon. This saves me money as well. I can get them for a $1 or 2 and then the shipping is only $3.99. I think the cost of regular books is way too much these days.

          Finally, to save money I frequently look at the “free” books on Kindle. You have to go to the website to find them, but once you do you can find some good buys. I will warn you that most of the books that are free are part of a series. They get you hooked to the series with a free book and then you want to purchase the rest. To me it is not a big deal when I get to read a free book.

              hatever you do to get books, I hope you get a chance to read! Reading opens the door to so many new worlds and experiences. It makes you think about life and also can help you relax and enjoy your life. So no matter what you do, get out there and read, or stay in with a nice cup of tea and cuddle with your fuzzy animal and read! 

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