Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Beauty Boudoir: Makeup Cutback March 2013 Update

                I have to admit that this makeup cutback is a bit harder than I expected. Going shopping at Target, Wal-Mart, and some drugstores is not as fun as before, as I don’t get to purchase more than one item a month. Recently, I got an email from Ulta about a “1 Day Sale!” I have to admit that any company that does a one day sale on products is very smart. Vera Bradley often does this as well as other stores like BBW.

 Ulta had a one day sale on Bare Minerals eye shadow palettes. As you may remember from my makeup cutback post, I want to get quality, not quantity with regards to my only ONE purchase a month. They had their eye palettes for 50% off! The 4.0 eye shadow palettes are usually $30.00! I got one eye shadow palette (to make sure I follow my makeup cutback) at $15.  

 I will admit I slightly bent the rules and purchased it in February, but I couldn’t use it until March because it was not shipped to me until then. I figured it was such a good deal I couldn’t pass up. Of course, the hard part is that I am stuck waiting until April to purchase any more makeup. My boyfriend was joking that maybe the Easter bunny will purchase me some makeup for Easter. I hope so, but I am happy with my newest purchase. The colors are pretty and I spent half the price on a quality product.

Before I close my post, I must admit that because I am cutting back on purchasing makeup, I feel the need to purchase other things.  I am now working on only making necessary purchases. Stay tuned for an update on my purchases! How are you doing with regards to your makeup purchases? Is there anything out there that I should really purchase? I am seriously contemplating the Essie Spring 2013 set as my April purchase or a Benefit set, but I will see!

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