Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lynn’s Lovely Life: What’s In my Purse

                As I have stated, I am an avid YT watcher. One of my favorite videos to watch is the "What’s in my Purse" videos. I have a lot of purses. I enjoy purchasing purses because they add a pop of color and complete an outfit. Also, I suffer from social anxiety and I feel safe and comfortable with my purse in hand. I feel more comfortable being out and about with all of my necessities and things that make me feel safe. I switch out my purses constantly. I am currently using a beautiful Coach purse my parents got me for graduating from grad school last year.  

Items in my Purse:

  • Wallet: This is something I always keep in my purse. My current wallet is a beautiful polka dot wallet. I love the mint green color and polka dots.
  • Cell Phone: iPhone 4s , This is always in my purse or in my hands (stay tuned for an iPhone cover collection post!)
  • Keys: Another necessity in my purse at all times.
  • Planner: I am an avid planner and prefer to use this over my iPhone any day.  
  • Mints: To keep my breath nice and fresh!
  • Sunglasses: A necessity when I wear my contacts.
  • Lotion: For my dry hands!
  • Checkbook: For appointments as needed.
  • Cover Girl Powder: I use to constantly wear Cover Girl as a teen and recently purchased this product. I use this as my go to “foundation” when I am on the run and don’t have time to do my makeup in the morning.
  • Coupon Organizer: This is used to hold my cash. I am in the process of using cash to effectively budget.
  • Walking Pharmacy: I credit OrganizedLikeJen as the inventor of the term “walking pharmacy.” This holds a variety of little products that I use frequently. Stay tuned for an additional post about what is in my walking pharmacy.
  • I carry several lipsticks and hand sanitizer in the front outside pocket of my purse.
  • In the inside pocket I carry headphones and other essentials that I prefer to keep discreet.  
 What is inside your purse? What is your biggest necessity?  

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